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Amii Stewart
Amy Paulette Stewart
born: 29.01.1956 in Washington, D.C.

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No. Year Title Comment
1 1991 Extralarge: Black and WhiteGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
2 1991 Extralarge: Moving TargetGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
3 1991 Extralarge: Miami KillerGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
4 1991 Extralarge: Yo-YoGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
5 1991 Extralarge: CannonballGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
6 1991 Extralarge: Black MagicGesang des Titelsongs 'Extralarge'
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