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Gerd Duwner
Voice actor
  Title Actor Role
1 Last of the Renegades Velemir Chytil Carter, Aufseher
2 Among Vultures Stole Arandjelovic Milton, Geier (mit Rauschebart)
3 Black Turin Mario Pilar Vanni Mascara
4 All The Way, Boys Cyril Cusack Matto
5 Even Angels Eat Beans Víctor Israel Judas
6 My name is Nobody Antonio Palombi Opa
7 Two Missionaries Hervé Villechaize Aristoteles, der Reeder
8 A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Piero Vida Jelly Roll
9 Flatfoot Goes East Emidio Edward Faieta Willie Pastrone
10 Crime Busters Fred Yuen Suzy Lees Onkel
11 Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure Paquito Papagei
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