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Klaus Miedel
born: 04.07.1915 in Berlin
died: 31.08.2000 in Berlin
Voice actor
  Title Actor Role
1 A Farewell to Arms Alberto Sordi Pater Galli
2 Boot Hill (Comedy-Fassung) Raffaele Mottola Mr. Collins, Mr. Trouble
3 Boot Hill (Comedy-Fassung) Adriano Cornelli Kleinwüchsiger Zirkusclown
4 5th Day of Peace T. P. McKenna Dick, einer von Millers alten Freunden
5 Can be done... Amigo Dante Cleri Doktor Eisenbart
(dieser Name kommt nur in der dt. Fassung vor!!!)
6 Flatfoot Cop Franco Angrisano Kommissar, Vorgänger von Tabassi
7 My name is Nobody Jean Martin Sullivan
8 Two Missionaries Robert Loggia Marchese Alfonso Felipo Gonzaga, ihr Sohn
9 Flatfoot Goes East Chaplin Chang Kontaktmann in Hongkong
10 Flatfoot Goes East Lino Puglisi Polizeikommissar in Macao
11 A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Patrick McGoohan Cabot
12 Soldier Of Fortune Mario Scaccia Conzalvo Pedro de la Guadarama
13 Trinity gambling for high stakes Luciano Catenacci Der Grieche
14 Cats and Dogs Marc Lawrence Mafiaboss Don Salvatore Licuti
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