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Manfred Petersen
Voice actor
  Title Actor Role
1 The Tough and the Mighty Franco Silva Arecu
2 Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure Riccardo Pizzuti Schläger von Frisco Joe
3 Double Trouble Fernando Amaral Ángel Duarte
4 They call me Renegade Ron Briskman Police Sergeant
5 Lucky Luke William P. Yazzie Schlange im Gras
6 Lucky Luke - Who is Mr. Joseph's Bo Greigh Jack Dalton
7 Lucky Luke - Midsummer in Daisy Town Bo Greigh Jack Dalton
8 Lucky Luke - Ma Dalton Bo Greigh Jack Dalton
9 Lucky Luke - Luke's Fiancée Bo Greigh Jack Dalton
10 Lucky Luke - Grand Delusions Bo Greigh Jack Dalton
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