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Michael Chevalier
born: 14.05.1933 in Berlin
died: ja

Laut Synchro-Forum ca. 2005/2006 verstorben.

Voice actor
  Title Actor Role
1 Seven Seas to Calais Terence Hill Anthony Babington
2 Among Vultures Gojko Mitic Wokadeh
3 Today it's me... tomorrow you! Pietro Torrisi Bill
4 Beyond the Law Günther Stoll Burtons rechte Hand
5 Ace High Brock Peters Thomas
6 The Five Man Army Peter Graves der Holländer
7 Boot Hill (Comedy-Fassung) Wayde Preston McAdams / McGammon
8 Flatfoot Goes East Al Lettieri Frank Barella
9 A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Robert Charlebois Lokomotive Bill
10 Soldier Of Fortune Guglielmo Spoletini Miale da Milazzo
11 Mr. Billion Dick Miller Bernie
12 The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid Harold E. Finch der General
13 The World of Don Camillo Colin Blakely Giuseppe Botazzi aka Peppone
14 Lucky Luke - Ghost Train Jack Elam Axel Ericson
15 Lucky Luke - Nobody's Fool I.M. Hobson Ivan
16 Cyberflic Tommy Lane Capt. Shepard
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