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Marco Tullio Barboni
Marcotullio Barboni, Mark Barboni
born: 27.08.1952 in Rom

Marco Tullio Barboni ist der Sohn von Regisseur Enzo Barboni (E.B. Clucher).

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1987 They call me Renegade Mann auf Golfplatz  
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Work as crewmember
Year Title Comment
1983 Go for Itals Marcotullio Barboni; Soggetto e sceneggiatura
1984 Double Troubleals Marcotullio Barboni; Soggetto e sceneggiatura
1987 They call me RenegadeSoggetto e sceneggiatura di
1990 Speaking of the Devilals Marcotullio Barboni; Original story and screenplay
1991 Extralarge: Black and Whiteals Marcotullio Barboni; Sceneggiatura di
1991 Extralarge: Cannonballals Marcotullio Barboni; Sceneggiatura di
1992 Extralarge: Ninja Shadowals Marcotullio Barboni; Soggetto e sceneggiatura
2008 Doc WestSoggetto di
2008 TriggermanSoggetto di

Year Title Comment
1972 Even Angels Eat BeansCo-produzione; ungenannt
1977 Crime BustersCo-produzione; ungenannt

Other activities
Year Title Comment
1970 They call me TrinityRegieassistent - aiuto regista; uncredited
1971 Trinity Is STILL My NameRegieassistent - aiuto regista; uncredited
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