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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Greatest Hits 5
General Information
Type: CD
EAN: 8015670070347
Publisher: Vivi Musica
Country of this publication:
Date 2003
Description (in German)
VCDS 7034

Track 1 composed by Enrico Riccardi
Track 2, 3, 4 composed by Franco Micalizzi
Track 5 composed by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Track 6 composed by Gianfranco e Gian Piero Reverberi
Track 7 composed by Pino Donaggio
Track 8, 9, 10 composed by Fabio Frizzi
Track 11 composed by Giancarlo Bigazzi
Zwei Supertypen in Miami
01. Amii Stewart - Extralarge                       3:33

Vier Fäuste gegen Rio
02. The Micalizzi Family -                          3:04
    What's goin' on (in Brazil)
03. Flying Carousel                                 2:31
04. The Mysterious Man                              2:56

Plattfuß räumt auf
05. Piedone a Hong Kong                             2:42

Django und die Bande der Gehenkten
06. Nick Giuffrè - You'd better smile               1:14

Die Troublemaker
07. Christmas Fight                                 3:27

08. Adriano Pappalardo - The Genie                  3:26
09. Cinque Elicotteri                               3:53
10. Superfantagenio (Titoli)                        3:21

Wenn man vom Teufel spricht
11. Fan's Club - An angel around me                 4:12
This soundtrack contains songs from following movies
Extralarge: Black and White
Extralarge: Moving Target
Extralarge: Miami Killer
Extralarge: Yo-Yo
Extralarge: Cannonball
Extralarge: Black Magic
Double Trouble
Flatfoot Goes East
Viva Django
The Fight before Christmas
Speaking of the Devil
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