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Az óriási nyomozó - Halálbiztosítás
Pictures from Vienna, taken on 12/17/2014, 26 years after shooting this episode.
Scene selection
1. View over Vienna
2. Eden-Bar 1
3. Eden-Bar 2
4. Merkl gets chased 1
5. Merkl gets chased 2
6. Merkl gets chased 3
7. The hotel of Merkl
8. On the street 1
9. On the street 2
10. On the street 3
11. Prater - Ferris Wheel 1
12. Prater - Ferris Wheel 2
13. Prater - Ferris Wheel 3
14. Prater - Horse riding
15. Inside the Prater
16. Prater - Rollercoaster 1
17. Prater - Rollercoaster 2
Aussicht auf Wien
Timecode: 00:44:55 - Adress: Prater
The episode continues in Vienna
View from the Ferris Wheel at the Prater.
The same view today.
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Eden-Bar 1
Timecode: 00:45:03 - Adress: Liliengasse 2
Merkl is visiting the Eden-Bar for a drink.
The entrance of the Eden-Bar.
The entrance today.
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Eden-Bar 2
Timecode: 00:46:57 - Adress: Liliengasse 2
Merkl is leaving the Eden-Bar.
A second view at the Eden-Bar.
The showcases were modernized.
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Merkl wird verfolgt 1
Timecode: 00:47:28 - Adress: Weihburggasse - Blick Richtung Kärntner Straße
The killer is waiting for Merkl.
The killer is waiting at the corner.
The corner Liliengasse/Weihburggasse today.
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Merkl wird verfolgt 2
Timecode: 00:47:35 - Adress: Weihburggasse - Blick Richtung Franziskanerplatz
Merkl noticed that he is being followed.
Merkl in the Weihburggasse.
The street today. Pelze Jovanovic still exists.
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Merkl wird verfolgt 3
Timecode: 00:47:52 - Adress: Franziskanerplatz
Merkl escapes with a taxi.
Merkl at the Franziskanerplatz.
The place today. The store Stempel-Schilder is closed.
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Merkls Hotel
Timecode: 00:48:14 - Adress: Am Stadtpark 1
View of the hotel where Merkl gets killed.
The entrance of the hotel where Merkl lives.
The killer comes to the hotel.
The entrance of the Hilton Hotel today.
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Auf der Straße 1
Timecode: 00:54:22 - Adress: Nordbahnstraße / Am Tabor
Bud waits for the witness.
Bud at the corner Nordbahnstraße / Am Tabor.
The street today.
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Auf der Straße 2
Timecode: 00:54:35 - Adress: Nordbahnstraße / Am Tabor
Bud is speaking with the witness.
Bud and the witness in the Nordbahnstraße.
The same street today.
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Auf der Straße 3
Timecode: 00:54:48 - Adress: Nordbahnstraße / Am Tabor
The witness drives to the prater, Bud follows him.
View at the Nordbahnstraße.
The street today, Even the traffic signs could be the same.
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Prater - Riesenrad 1
Timecode: 00:54:58 - Adress: Prater
View at the Ferris Wheel.
The famous Ferris Wheel of Vienna.
The Ferris Wheel is the same, but the entrance is new.
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Prater - Riesenrad 2
Timecode: 00:55:07 - Adress: Prater
Looking through the ferris wheel.
At the Ferris Wheel
The view today.
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Prater - Riesenrad 3
Timecode: 00:55:11 - Adress: Prater
Blick at the entrance of the Prater.
The entrance of the Prater.
The entrance changed completely.
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Prater - Ponyreiten
Timecode: 00:55:35 - Adress: Prater
The witness with his kids at the horse riding pavillon.
The horse-riding pavillon.
In the pavillon is now Laserspy, but it was closed in winter.
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Im Prater
Timecode: 00:56:46 - Adress: Prater
Two cops trying to stop Bud.
Two cops trying to catch Bud at Hommerson's Schmankerl-Strasse.
The building of Hommerson today. It changed a bit an the street is empty,
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Prater - Achterbahn 1
Timecode: 00:56:53 - Adress: Prater
The witness escapes into the rollercoaster.
The entrance of Hochbahn (III), which existed from 1979 to 1996 at place 94a.
Today there is the Super-8er-Bahn.
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Prater - Achterbahn 2
Timecode: 00:57:49 - Adress: Prater
The rollercoaster where the witness gets killed.
Blick to the rollercoaster and the Prater.
The Prater changed completely.
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