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Spencer Hill World
Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin

open daily
from 10 to 19 o'clock

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Spencer Hill World
Unter den Linden 10 - 10117 Berlin

About the exhibition
After the Bud Spencer Museum closed its doors on 31 December 2023, the museum was extensively redesigned and reopened as Spencer/Hill World on 17 February. The new exhibition no longer just focuses on Bud Spencer, but also includes his long-term partner Terence Hill. In addition, the focus has now been placed on the films the duo made together and the rooms have been modelled on various scenarios from the films. In addition, the foyer of Spencer/Hill World is now home to the largest Spencer/Hill fan shop in the world.
The entrance to Spencer/Hill World on opening day The large fan shop in the entrance area
New are various film scenarios that invite visitors to take photos. Visitors cross the amusement park and the sports hall from "Watch out, we're mad", stroll across the Terrazza Napoli from the Naples of the Flatfoot films, suddenly find themselves in the Wild West in front of a sheriff's office, only to enter the native village from "I'm for the Hippopotamus" a little later.
The first room is modelled on the Luna Park from "Watch out, we're mad". The Ferris wheel, stilt walker and clown are of course also a must.
From Lunapark, the route continues into the sports hall from the same film. The first display case in the exhibition is also dedicated to "Watch out, we're mad".
But there is also a lot to experience besides the exhibits. In the multimedia gallery, various stages of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer's career can be followed in moving images on numerous monitors and projections. All showcases and screens have been provided with new material. In the "Terrazza Napoli", which has been preserved as a small cinema, a new 20-minute documentary film about the careers of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill is being shown and a detailed audio guide provides information about the different stages of Bud and Terence's life at various points in the exhibition. The audio guide can be used via QR codes that can be scanned with a mobile phone.
The Terrazza Napoli is showing a new film about Bud and Terence. A large world map shows the film locations.
The new exhibition still contains some elements from the old Bud Spencer Museum. Some original documents, scripts, props and film awards from the Pedersoli family's collection can still be seen. But Terence Hill has also left some personal items to Spencer/Hill World, e.g. two pairs of boots and some caps that he wore in his films.
The Spencer/Hill World multimedia gallery. The gallery consists of 13 monitors, 5 beamers and 15 showcases.
Another important part of the exhibition are the replicas of some famous film cars. The red beach buggy with the yellow roof can be found here, as well as the little ice-cream van from "Odds and Evens" The two lifelike silicone figures of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, which show them as Bambi and Trinity from "They call me Trinity", are undoubtedly among the major highlights of the exhibition. The figures stand in front of the replica of the sheriff's office from the film and provide a fantastic visual motif.
View of the largest exhibition room at Spencer/Hill World.
Fans will of course recognise this native village from "I'm for the Hippopotamus". Terence Hill's original boots from "Renegade" and "Watch out, we're mad".
The tour through Spencer/Hill World is rounded off with various interactive gimmicks and animations. For example, in the video game "Slaps and Beans" you can slip into the roles of Bud and Terence yourself, maltreat a punching bag, listen to various soundtrack LPs and, with a bit of luck, try your hand at the rocket ride from "Watch out, we're mad" after asking politely. We also recommend going to the toilet, even if it's just to wash your hands, and holding the receiver of the red telephone to your ear before leaving.
The sheriff's office with the two real-life figures of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, next to the rocket track from "Watch out, we're mad".
In the music corner, fans can listen to various soundtrack LPs. The exhibition concludes with this scene from "Odds and Evens".
Spencer/Hill-World is located in the centre of Berlin in the street "Unter den Linden", just a few metres from the Brandenburg Gate and can be easily reached by underground lines U5 and U6 or bus line 100, for example. Information on admission prices and special events can be found on the Spencer/Hill-World website at spencerhillworld.de.