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Remo De Angelis
born: 28.07.1926 in Rom, Italien

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1959 Hannibal Römer  
2. 1967 Little Rita of the West
(möglich, aber unwahrscheinlich)
Jesse James  
3. 1967 Viva Django einer von Barrys Leuten  
4. 1969 The Tough and the Mighty
(möglicherweise, aber eher nicht)
Giovanni Cassitta  
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Work as crewmember
Master of arms
No. Year Title Comment
1 1967 Little Rita of the WestMaestro d'armi
2 1967 Viva DjangoStunt director
3 1972 Black TurinMaestro d'armi

No. Year Title Comment
1 1959 HannibalSegretario di produzione
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