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Gigi Reder
born: 25.03.1928 in Neapel, Italien
died: 08.10.1998 in Rom

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1958 Fast and Sexy Adolf, Smeraldo  
2. 1978 They called him Bulldozer Amerikanischer Soldat  
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Work as crewmember

Voice actor
Year Title Voice of
1975 Soldier Of Fortune Jacques Herlin (Italian version)
1980 Super Fuzz Salvatore Borgese (Italian version)
1988 Big Man: An unusual insurance Raymond Pellegrin (Italian version)
1988 Big Man: Boomerang Raymond Pellegrin (Italian version)
1988 Big Man: The False Etruscan Raymond Pellegrin (Italian version)
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