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Salvatore Borgese
Születési neve: Giuseppe Salvatore Borgese
Sal Borgese
Született 05.03.1937 ben Rom, Italien

Salvatore Borgese was born as a child of Calabrian parents on 05.03.1937 in Rome.

Beginnings in the cinema

He first appeared in the early 60a as a stuntman in many of the countless sandal movies of this era, e.g. 1961 in "Barabbas" (Barabba), 1962 in "My Son, the Hero" (Arrivano i titani) and 1964 in "Challenge of the Gladiator" (Il gladiatore che sfidò l'impero) and in "Hercules Against Rome" (Ercole contro Roma). With the end of the sandal era, Borgese joined the spaghetti-western wave in the mid-60s. Here he can be seen in 1965 in "Blood for a Silver Dollar" (Un dollaro bucato), one year later in "The Brute and the Beast" (Le colt cantarono la morte e fu... tempo di massacro) and in "$1,000 on the Black" (1000 dollari sul nero) and various sequels thereof. Over time, his roles become bigger and bigger, so that his acrobatic abilities become more and more apparent. From 1967 he was not only stuntmen and actor but also took over the complete stunt coordination for some films, e.g. "Halleluja for Django" (La più grande rapina del West), Man of the East (.... e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico), The World of Don Camillo (Don Camillo) and the two Celentano films "High Rollers" (Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni) and "Bingo Bongo" (Bingo Bongo).

First roles alongside Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

Borgese first came into contact with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in 1971. In the pirate adventure Blackie the Pirate (Il corsaro nero) he plays Martel, a friend of the pirate captain Blackie depicted by Hill. The role is already clearly more than just the appearance of a stuntmen. In the following roles alongside Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Borgese is allowed to prove his comedic talent more and more. While this in his western roles in Can be done... Amigo (Si può fare... amigo) as deputy sheriff and in Man of the East (... e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico) as bounty hunter can already be recognized to some extent, he finally played it out in the following three films. It is striking that all three films were directed by Sergio Corbucci. Maybe he had a special flair for Borgese's talent. Anyway, Borgese in Odds and Evans (Pari e dispari) as gangster Ninfus has a whole series of very funny scenes. His role as Paradise in Super Fuzz (Poliziotto superpiù) is very similar. But Borgese's most memorable performance came in 1981 in Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure (Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro), where he inexorably breathes life and wit into the native Anulu.

Borgese's memories of the films

In an interview with Marcello Gagliani Caputo for his book "... Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo" Borgese tells that he has special memories of the films. So he likes to think back of the shooting of Odds and Evans, as this was his first time in Miami and he met his future companion Kim McKay on the set, who played the female leading role in the film and with whom he then spent the next 12 years together. During the shooting of Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure, however, he found it a pity that some of the ideas he and director Corbucci had about his role were not realized, as there was fear that he would steal the show from the two main actors. Who finds a Friend finds a Treasure is also his last appearance in a film of the duo. Whether it was because Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were afraid that he would steal their show or simply because Sergio Corbucci wasn't supposed to direct another film of the duo remains to be seen.

Late series appearances

Borgese himself has no dislike for the two and so in 1999 and 2005 he can also be seen twice at Terence Hill's side in Don Matteo. In summer 2018 he will also be a guest at the premiere party of Terence Hills My name is Thomas (Il mio nome è Thomas) in Treni.

Salvatore Borgese can still be seen regularly in Italian productions until 2011. In total, he brings it to well over 120 participations in the course of his career. He lives in Rome today. His son Alessandro Borgese has followed in his footsteps. He also works as a stuntman and stunt coordinator.

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No. év Cím Szerep Német szinkron Kép
1. 1971 A kalózok háborúja
(als Sal Borgese)
Martel Szersén Gyula 
2. 1971 Vadnyugati Casanova
(als Sal Borgese)
3. 1972 Vigyázat, vadnyugat! der andere Kopfgeldjäger in schwarz Dörner György 
4. 1978 És megint dühbe jövünk Ninfus Gáti Oszkár 
5. 1980 Szuperzsaru
(als Sal Borgese)
Paradise Papp János 
6. 1981 Kincs, ami nincs
(als Sal Borgese)
Anulu Székhelyi József 
7. 1999 Don Matteo - A skorpió stratégia
(als Sal Borgese)
Geatano Serravalle  
8. 2005 Don Matteo 5 - Bajos indulás
(als Sal Borgese)
Bernardo / Giacomo Giuliani  
Mint stábtag
Master of arms
No. év Title Megjegyzés
1 1972 Vigyázat, vadnyugat!Maestro d'armi
2 1983 Don Camilloals Sal Borgese
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