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Harold Bergman
birth name: Harold E. Bergman
born: 19.04.1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
died: 01.02.2019 in Pompano Beach, Florida

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No. Year Title Role Voice actor Picture
1. 1980 Super Fuzz Priester Harold Bergman 
2. 1982 Cats and Dogs Priester  
3. 1983 Go for It Sam, der Erfinder für das C. I. A. Harold Bergman 
4. 1984 Double Trouble Chef der Vermittlungsfirma Harold Bergman 
5. 1985 Miami Supercops Polizeichef Reisner Harold Bergman 
6. 1986 Aladdin Chirurg Harold Bergman 
7. 1991 Extralarge: Black Magic
(als Hal Bergman)
Richter M. Harrington  
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Work as crewmember

Voice actor
Year Title Voice of
1980 Super Fuzz Harold Bergman (English version)
1983 Go for It Harold Bergman (English version)
1984 Double Trouble Harold Bergman (English version)
1985 Miami Supercops Harold Bergman (English version)
1986 Aladdin Harold Bergman (English version)
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