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Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling

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PPA Film GmbH, München
Book: Pierre Peters-Arnolds
Director: Pierre Peters-Arnolds
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Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling
Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling
Germany 2008 - 109 Min.
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Toni Ricardelli is a professional killer and leads a pleasant life. He has just murdered the former Mafioso Enrico Puzzo for the Mafia so that he can no longer publish his announced memoirs. Toni is in the process of removing the author's corpse when Julia Steffens, a beautiful publishing clerk, enters the hotel room. Toni introduces himself as a professional killer and freely admits to having just killed Enrico Puzzo, which Julia doesn't believe for a moment. Instead, she thinks Ricardelli is Puzzo. After denying this at first, he plays the game, on the one hand to collect the high commission for the book, but mainly to stay close to Julia, to whom Toni feels drawn from the first moment. So Ricardelli travels with Julia to Berlin, where the new book is already eagerly awaited. Since Ricardelli doesn't have a book, of course, he turns to his old friend Pepe, who now has the task of writing the book under time pressure. Meanwhile, the mafia boss Salvatore Marino learns that Puzzo is still alive and sends out a whole horde of killers to hunt him down. So Ricardelli has to master some tricky situations in the role of Enrico Puzzo before he can finally win over his Julia.

Bud Spencer plays in this romantic comedy the blind Pepe, a friend of Toni Ricardelli, who supplies Toni with orders and who is finally asked by Toni to finish the book of Enrico Puzzo. He has one funny scenes, but it's clearly only a supporting role.

With Franco Nero, another star of Italian cinema can be seen in a supporting role. Nero plays the former mafioso Enrico Puzzo, who causes so much trouble with his book and is therefore killed by the main character Toni Riccardelli. Django actor Franco Nero already played alongside Bud Spencer in 1969 in The 5th Day of Peace ("God with us").

For the cinema launch of the film, the distributor Warner Germany created its own internet presence ( Besides trailers and pictures there was also the possibility to download a small mobile game about the movie. Meanwhile the homepage has been switched off and the game is no longer available.

In the week before the cinema premiere Bud Spencer was in Germany and visited Stefan Raab's TV show TV Total. Together with leading actress Nora Tschirner, he presented the film in the show.

According to screenwriter and director Sebastian Niemann, there were already plenty of ideas for a possible sequel. But the plans were rejected because the movie didn't meet the expectations in the cinemas. Thanks to a good home cinema evaluation, the film ended up in the profit zone.

The soundtrack of the film was written by the German film composer Egon Riedel. The soundtrack was complemented by seven songs of the American singer and actor Dean Martin. The soundtrack, including the Dean Martin songs, was released on CD for the cinema release.

"Killing is my business, honey" is the only Spencer/Hill film to have a radio play released. The narrator for the radio play is Rick Kavanian. The dialogues consist of original dialogues from the film.

It took 45 days of filming to create this comedy. The film was shot from 15 October to 16 December 2007 in Berlin and surroundings and in Italy. The total budget of the production was 6.2 million euros. The cinema launch was originally announced for 25 December 2008, but was then postponed to 26 February 2009. The film celebrated its world premiere one week earlier, on 19 February 2009 in Berlin.

Release Dates:
19.02.2009 Germany Weltpremiere in Berlin
26.02.2009 Germany Premiere 415.447 Besucher
21.04.2010 Italy Pay-TV-Premiere Sky Cinema 1
02.05.2010 Germany Pay-TV-Premiere Sky Cinema
29.01.2012 Austria Free-TV-Premiere Puls 4
01.05.2012 Germany Free-TV-Premiere Sat 1
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No. Actor Role (Descriptions in German) Voice Actor Picture InfoIMDb
Closing credits
1 Rick Kavanian Toni Ricardelli
2 Nora Tschirner Julia Steffens
3 Christian Tramitz Helmut Münchinger
4 Janek Rieke Bobfried 'Bob' Kimbel
5 Bud Spencer PepeWolfgang Hess
6 Axel Stein Dirk
7 Wolf Roth Paolo Rossi
8 Franco Nero Enrico PuzzoReinhard Brock
9 Günther Kaufmann Salvatore Marino
10 Ludger Pistor Dr. Gruber
11 Hans Michael Rehberg Christopher Kimbel
12 Jasmin Schwiers Lisa
13 Wolfgang Völz Henry von Göttler
14 Claudio Caiolo Gino 
15 Matthias Zelic Antonio Baldini
16 Oscar Ortega Sanchez Juan Garcia
17 Nela Panghy-Lee Mercedes
18 Chi Le Maria 
19 Nick Dong-Sik Jet Chow
20 Georg Alfred Wittner Zahnarzt
21 Florentine Lahme Alexandra
22 Doris Kunstmann Frau Eisenstein
23 Bernd Hoffmann Concierge 
24 Marina Mehlinger Zimmermädchen
25 Lara-Isabelle Rentinck UPS Kurier
26 Jaymes Butler Barkeeper 
27 Helmut Rühl Björn
28 Sascha Grzesczak Igor Valuev 
29 Zdenek Dvoracek King Folsom 
30 Miroslav Navratil B. Nice 
31 Matthias Müsse
(nicht sicher)
Journalist 1
32 Paul Milbers
(nicht sicher)
Journalist 2 
33 Dirk Ahner Larry Rose
Uncredited Actors
34 Michael Lippitsch Getränke richtender Kellner beim Blind-Date 
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Dean Martin (Songs gesungen von), Egon Riedel, Klaus Frers (Music Supervisor), Thomas Binar (Music Supervisor)
Dirk Ahner, Sebastian Niemann
Master of Arms
Gerd Grzesczak (Stunt-, SFX-, Waffen-Coordinator)
Director of Photography
Gerhard Schirlo
Moune Barius
Art Direction
Matthias Müsse (Production Design)
Janne Birck
Make up
Georg Korpás
Emrah Ertem
Tschangis Chahrokh (Mischung), Alexander Saal (Sound Supervisor), Michael Hemmerling (Originalton)
Special effects
Stefan Tischner (VFX Supervisor), Lutz Lemke (Titelvorspann), Andy Alesik (Titelvorspann)
Production company
Rat Pack Filmproduktion, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany (Co-Produktion), B.A. Produktion (Co-Produktion), Babelsberg Film (Co-Produktion), Beta Film (Co-Produktion), Erfttal Film (Co-Produktion)
Christian Becker, Klaus Dohle, Dany Geys (Producer), Lena Olbrich (Producer), Axel Vogelmann (Postproduction Supervisor), Dierck Beck von Rohland (Postproduction Supervisor), Sonja B. Zimmer (Production Executive Studio Babelsberg), George Hiller (Produktionsleitung), Peter Schiller (Herstellungsleitung), Henning Molfenter (Co-Produzent), Christoph Fisser (Co-Produzent), Carl Woebcken (Co-Produzent), Franz Kraus (Co-Produzent), Antonio Exacoustos (Co-Produzent), Eric Welbers (Co-Produzent), Anita Schneider (Kaufmännische Produzentin)
Sebastian Niemann
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This movie can be found on following media
Type Title Publisher Country Date
Blu-ray Mord ist mein Geschäft, LieblingMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling Warner Home Video Germany 11.09.2009
DVD Mord ist mein Geschäft, LieblingMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling Warner Home Video Germany 11.09.2009
DVD Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling (2-Disc Special Edition)Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling (2-Disc Special Edition) Warner Home Video Germany 11.09.2009
Hörspiel Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - Original-HörspielMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - Original-Hörspiel Goya LiT Germany 26.02.2009
Game Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - HandyspielMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - Handyspiel Rat Pack / Warner Germany 2009
Promo Mord ist mein Geschäft, LieblingMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling Neues Filmprogramm Austria 2009
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Type Title Publisher Country Date
CD Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - Original SoundtrackMord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling - Original Soundtrack Ministry of Sound Recordings Germany 27.02.2009
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