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2019-07-05 - 10:38 am - From the Rumour mill: Terence Hill shoots a Film in Germany
Jess Hill, son of Terence Hill and producer of his last movie My name is Thomas, gave an interview to the Italian time "Dipiů" last week. There he told that his father will be in a film, that he will produce after finishing the shooting of Don Matteo 12. The new film will be set in Germany, where Terence and Bud have always been loved. The project is currently still in the planning phase. We are very interested to see how the project develops and of course we keep you up to date.
2019-06-16 - 2:27 pm - New in June: Soundtrack of "Man of the East"
On June 20th the Italian label Digitmovies releases the soundtrack of Guido und Maurizio De Angelis to the Terence Hill western Man of the East (... e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico) on CD and LP. The CD is a new edition of the CD version of 2009 from the same company. On LP the soundtrack was only available on the original LP from 1972. The tracklist of the new LP corresponds to the release from 1972, but the new edition contains some bonus tracks that didn't make it to the LP at that time. Due to lack of space the LP contains eight tracks less than the CD.

Link 1: The new CD at the database
Link 2: The new LP at the database
2019-06-11 - 10:48 am - Report from the Oliver Onions concert in Villafranca di Verona
Last Friday Guido and Maurizio De Angelis gave an open air concert in the courtyard of a medieval castle in Villafranca Di Verona as part of a comic book festival. In addition to their songs, the two brothers tell all sorts of anecdotes and stories from their almost 50-year career. An aftershow party with the fans rounded off the event. Friends of us were present at the concert and brought a report and some pictures for you. Enjoy reading!

Link: To the report of the concert
2019-06-05 - 3:03 pm - Street and statue in honour of Bud Spencer inaugurated
As reported, Bud Spencer was honoured last weekend first with a Bud Spencer road near Parma and then with a Bud Spencer statue in Livorno. We were present at the celebrations as ambassadors of the Spencer/Hill Festival and of the Terence Hill Museum and described our impressions in two new illustrated background reports. Have fun while reading!

Link 1: Report from Ponte Taro from the inauguration of Bud-Spencer Street
Link 2: Report from Livorno from the unveiling of the Bud Spencer statue
2019-05-29 - 12:36 pm - Italy honours Bud Spencer twice at the weekend
Bud Spencer will be honoured twice in Italy next weekend. On Saturday, June 1st, the first road in Italy will be named after Bud Spencer in the town of Fontevivo / Ponte Taro near Parma. Bud's son Giuseppe is also expected to attend the opening ceremony of the "Via Carlo Pedersoli". There will also be events to honour Bud throughout the day, including a western set, film screenings and an evening concert by the "Dune Buggy Band", which will play soundtracks from the films.

On Sunday, June 2nd, Italy will finally get its Bud Spencer statue. It will be inaugurated at 6 pm in Livorno on the Mediterranean. The location was not chosen by chance, because in Livorno the two Bud Spencer films They called him Bulldozer and Bomber were shot. The statue then shows Bud Spencer as "Bulldozer" looking out at the sea. All three children of Bud Spencer will be present at the ceremonial unveiling of the statue.
2019-05-14 - 1:47 pm - Terence Hill Museum opened in Lommatzsch
Last Saturday, the Terence Hill Museum in Lommatzsch, Saxony, was officially opened. Anita Maaß, the mayor of the city, welcomed more than 600 visitors to the opening ceremony, a Spielmannzug played and finally it was up to guest of honour and dubbing legend Thomas Danneberg to cut the ribbon that was set up in front of the museum. We were present at the opening and have now summarized our impressions in a small database special.

Link 1: Special: Impressions from the opening day of the museum
Link 2: To the website of the museum
2019-04-28 - 12:59 pm - Happy Birthday Riccardo Pizzuti!
Today Riccardo Pizzuti, probably the most popular bad guy in the Spencer/Hill universe, celebrates his 85th birthday. Between 1968 and 1990 Pizzuti played in a total of 20 films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and managed to play himself into the hearts of Spencer/Hill fans as a villain. We ourselves have personally experienced Pizzuti on several occasions in recent years and have been impressed by his warmth, humor, everlasting good mood and enormous fitness even in old age. We are looking forward to seeing him again in Lommatzsch at the end of August and wish him all the best for his birthday and many more beautiful years!

Link: Riccardo Pizzuti at the Spencer/Hill database
2019-04-18 - 7:48 am - Terence Hill filming Don Matteo 12
The fact that there will be a 12th season of Don Matteo has been known for quite some time, but now it's finally happening. Today there is a first casting for smaller supporting roles in Spoleto and from May 20th Terence Hill will be in front of the camera for the first shooting block in Spoleto and will slip back into the role of his successful priest. The first filming block will last five weeks, until the penultimate week of June. Then the crew makes room for the "62nd Festival dei 2 Mondi", which will take place from 28.6. to 14.7. in Spoleto. After the festival the crew will return to Spoleto for the next shooting block, but no exact dates are known yet.

Source: Article on tuttoggi.info (Ital.)
2019-04-12 - 4:59 pm - Soundtrack of "Bomber" is released for the first time
Beat Records releases the soundtrack to Der Bomber by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis on CD and LP on May 9th! The CD contains 32 tracks with a total playing time of 55:08 minutes and is limited to 500 copies. There are also two LPs, one in black which is limited to 400 copies one in white with blue stripes which is limited to 100 copies. Both LPs are identical, except for the colour and contain 21 tracks.

Link 1: The CD in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 2: The black LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
Link 3: The blue/white LP in the Spencer/Hill-Database
2019-04-11 - 7:39 am - Terence Hill gets museum in Lommatzsch
In the small Saxon town of Lommatzsch, where Terence Hill spent two years of his childhood, the Terence Hill Museum will open on May 11 this year. The museum will then be located in the so-called Budenhaus near the Heimatmuseum on the market square. Fans of the actor can inform themselves about the life and films of Terence Hill on two floors and the corresponding courtyard. All fans are welcome to the ceremonial opening on 11 May.
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