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2020-03-19 - 1:48 pm - Fanbase party in Templin postponed
Die Fanbase-Party wurde verschoben After the inauguration of the stage coach from "The Fight before Christmas" in Bad Bederkesa had to be postponed due to the situation around the corona virus, now unfortunately the fanbase party in Templin is also affected. Due to the current situation it is not possible to let the party take place on May 8th/9th as planned. But the big anniversary of the movie They call me Trinity with the star guests Gisela Hahn, Elena Pedemonte, Riccardo Pizzuti, Jess Hill, Salvatore Borgese and Anne Kasprik will of course still be celebrated. The new date is 1 May 2021. All already purchased tickets keep their validity!

We are looking forward to seeing you! Stay well!

2020-03-17 - 12:00 pm - Terence Hill with greeting message on Italian television
Terence Hill in Che tempo che fa Terence Hill appeared on Italian television two days ago with a video message. In the entertainment show Che tempo che fa he congratulated with this message his friend Nino Frassica on his 50th career anniversary. Terence Hill thanked his colleague from Don Matteo for his friendship and for 20 years of cooperation.

Link: The show in the database

2020-03-06 - 2:06 pm - The Bud Spencer exhibition comes to Berlin
Das Plakat zur Ausstellung The Bud Spencer exhibition shown last year in Naples will be shown in Berlin this summer. With the support of the Pedersoli family, a large number of exclusive exhibits from Bud Spencer's life will be on display from 30 May to 29 August. The range includes photos, posters, magazines, scripts, film and swimming trophies, original props, books, soundtrack LPs and CDs, displays and much more. The programme in Berlin will be rounded off by exclusive special events on the weekends, including club concerts, film screenings with star guests, stunt shows and theatre performances. The museum will be open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, the special events on the weekends will start at 8 pm. On 10 March the advance ticket sales will start. For more information about the exhibition and the already fixed special events, please visit the museum's website at:

Link 1: Website of the Bud-Spencer-Museum
Link 2: Report about the exhibition in Naples

2020-03-01 - 5:51 pm - The soundtrack of "They called him Bulldozer" will be released
Cover der neuen LP There is great news from the Italian record label Beat Records. In cooperation with Cabum Records, the complete soundtrack of the film "They called him Bulldozer" composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will be released on CD and LP for the first time on April 20th, 2020. There was already an LP called "Bulldozer" in 1979. It contained only the title song of the movie and the slower version of the song called "Just a good Boy". These two songs were also released on a Single shortly before. But now there will be the complete soundtrack for the first time. The CD version will contain 27 tracks and will have a playing time of almost 68 minutes. The LP version is missing eight tracks due to the lower capacity. It will have 19 tracks. Both the LP and the CD are limited to 500 copies. They can be pre-ordered now on the Beat Records website.

Link 1: The new CD in the database
Link 2: The new LP in the database
Link 3: To the website of Beat Records (extern)

2020-02-20 - 8:57 am - Women power at the Fanbase Party 2020
Gisela Hahn und Elena Pedemonte The two Mormon girls Sarah and Judith, with whom Terence Hill falls a little in love in They call me Trinity, will appear together again for the first time on the occasion of the film's 50th anniversary. The two actresses, Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte, will be guests at the Spencer/Hill fanbase party in the western town of El Dorado in Templin from 8 to 10 May, where they will celebrate the anniversary with their fans. The two actresses will be joined by Anne Kasprik, who as Bridget in The Fight before Christmas (Troublemakers) was also lucky enough to fall in love with Terence. "The Fight before Christmas" also celebrates its anniversary this year. It was released in German cinemas 25 years ago.

Link: Tickets and more information about the fanbase party

2020-01-31 - 1:30 pm - These figures of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are coming 2020

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill figures

For the year 2020 several models and action figures around the theme of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill have been announced.
1.) In April a Bud Spencer-figure comes from "Infinite Statue". The statue is limited to 600 pieces, reaches a height of 12.7 inches and a weight of 2.5 kilos. The figure, which shows Bud Spencer as Bambi from They call me Trinity, costs 299.50 EUR according to the manufacturer.
2.) The company "Oakie Doackie" annouced two sets of movable action figures with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The first set shows our two heroes as motorcycle cops Matt Kirby and Wilbur Walsh from Crime Busters, while the second set shows them as Trinity and Bambi from They call me Trinity. The action figures will be 7 inches high and will be equipped with some accessories like weapons and interchangeable hands. The price and the exact release date are not yet known.
3.) Another high quality figure will come in the third quarter of this year from "Supacraft". Matching the figure of Bud Spencer as Bambi, which has been available there for quite some time, there will now also be a Terence Hill in the role of Trinity from They call me Trinity. The figure is limited to 500 copies, will be 14.2 inches high and weigh 3.5 kilos. The price will be 449 EUR according to the manufacturer.
4.) Besides the figures there will also be a model of the beach buggy from Watch out we're mad in the third quarter of the year. This will be in scale 1/18 and can already be pre-ordered on the website of the manufacturer "Laudoracing Models". The price is 89,90 EUR.

Link 1: The Bud Spencer figure from Infinite Statue on the manufacturer's page
Link 2: The action figures of Oakie Doackie on the Facebook page of the manufacturer
Link 3: The Terence Hill figure from Supacraft on the manufacturer's website
Link 4: The model of the beach buggy from Laudoracing Models on the site of the manufacturer

2020-01-10 - 1:42 pm - Phenomenal start of the 12th season of Don Matteo
Terence Hill in der Auftaktepisode der 12. Staffel Two days after the 20th anniversary, the 12th season of Don Matteo started yesterday in Italy. The first episode attracted an average of 7.005 million viewers. The market share was a phenomenal 30.6 percent. Even after 20 years, Don Matteo has lost none of its popularity. The new season consists of a total of ten feature-length episodes. The further episodes will be shown from now on every Thursday at 21:25 on Rai Uno. The opening episode with the title "Non avrai altro Dio all'infuori di me" (Eng: Thou shalt have no other gods besides me) is now in the database and provided with pictures.

Link: "The first episode in the database

2019-12-23 - 8:02 pm - Terence Hill Ice Saloon opened in Dresden
Jess genießt das Eis am Eröffnungstag Last Friday the "Terence Hill Ice Saloon", the first German branch of the "Gelateria Girotti", opened in Dresden. Jess Hill came to the opening ceremony and 700 fans did not want to miss the event. With a lot of fun and good mood it was a great opening day. We were there and brought pictures and a little report with us.

Link: The Terence Hill Ice Saloon in the database

2019-12-22 - 6:05 am - Happy Birthday Guido De Angelis!
Happy Birthday Guido We congratulate Maestro Guido De Angelis to his 75th birthday today. The older half of the fantastic duo Oliver Onions was born on December 22, 1944 in Rocca di Papa, a small community southeast of Rome. Together with his brother Maurizio he created countless soundtracks for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films and beyond. Among their most famous songs, which they not only composed but also sang themselves, were Flying through the Air, Dune Buggy, Bulldozer, Sandokan, Orzowei, Fantasy and Santa Maria. We wish Guido De Angelis all the best and thank him in this way for the numerous hits and soundtracks he gave us together with his brother Maurizio. We are very much looking forward to seeing the brilliant duo on stage again next year! Happy Birthday Guido!

Link: Guido De Angelis at the database

2019-12-09 - 9:51 am - René Auberjonois passed away
René Auberjonois The American actor René Auberjonois died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 79. Auberjonois has been a popular film and television actor since the 1970s and achieved worldwide fame through his role as Constable Odo in the series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". In 1991 he appeared alongside Terence Hill in the tv series "Lucky Luke". In the episode "Cafe Olé" he played the coffee thief and gangster Mendez.

Link: René Auberjonois at the database

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30.03.2006 Italien TV-Premiere
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