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2023-03-17 - 6:30 pm - New Western: Terence Hill returns as Trinity!

New western with Terence Hill: Trinity, the Nun and the Gun

Today, an interview with Terence Hill was published in the Italian weekly newspaper "7", which belongs to the "Corriere della sera". In this interview Terence Hill talks about his next film. He has already said that the next film will be a western. Now he is giving more details.

The film will be a Trinity film, i.e. Terence Hill will return to his role as Trinity! The international working title of the film is "Trinity, the Nun and the Gun".

Regarding the titular nun, he says: "I didn't want to do another western. I thought it was pointless, I had already done everything and couldn't do it better. But then I found a book with the true story of an Italian nun who emigrated with her peasant and very poor family from the Ligurian hinterland to America at the end of the 19th century. From Cincinnati she decided to go west alone. The nun in the film is called Blandina, her real name was Rosa Maria Segale."

The gun in the title refers to Billy, the Kid because the nun Blandina actually met Billy the Kid in her life. In the film, she will do the same and Trinity and Billy, the Kid will also meet.

On the progress of the project, he says: "We've been working on the script for 18 months, as usual with various difficulties. I hope to go for shooting to Abruzzo in the summer. I'm also directing my own spaghetti western of Trinity."

Source: corriere.it

2023-02-28 - 9:37 am - Flatfoot goes East: Double CD of the soundtrack released
Cover der neuen CD Chris' Soundtrack Corner has just re-released the soundtrack of Flatfoot goes East. For the first time, the music by the brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis is on a double CD. The set therefore also contains many previously unreleased tracks from Commissioner Rizzo's second adventure in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Macao.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The CD on Chris' Soundtrack Corner page

2023-02-14 - 7:31 pm - Exactly 50 years ago, Joe Bugner first fought Ali
Joe Bugner als Schurke Mr. Ormond Exactly 50 years ago today, British heavyweight boxer Joe Bugner - later Bud Spencer's adversary in films like I'm for the hippopotamus, They called him Bulldozer, The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid and Buddy goes West - fought boxing legend Muhammad Ali in Las Vegas. The fight electrified boxing fans at the time. Ali, who was favoured, only prevailed on points in the end.

The anniversary of this fight prompted the British Sun to contact Bugner in Australia, where he has lived for many years. The attempt to contact him failed, but they did reach his eldest son Joe, Jr. He told the paper that his father was suffering badly from dementia and could not remember anything about his boxing career. During a visit at Christmas time, he himself was not even recognised and, moreover, his father claimed to expect his wife Marlene back from shopping soon. Marlene, however, died more than a year ago. Physically, Bugner is still in top shape and looks much younger than his almost 73 years. Furthermore, his son reports that he had thought about bringing his father back to England, but his carers had strongly advised against taking him out of his familiar environment. Despite this sad news, Joe Jr. is keen to let people know that his father is not unhappy. He lives in his own world, in luxurious accommodation where the staff take excellent care of him.

Link: More about Joe Bugner in the database

2023-02-02 - 10:36 am - The Bud Spencer Museum will be open longer
Das Bud-Spencer-Museum in Berlin The Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin has announced that it will be open longer than previously planned. Originally planned for only one year, the museum was extended last year until mid-2023. Now there is another six months' extension. The museum will now be open until 31 December 2023 - as before, daily from 10 am to 7 pm. On 31 December, the museum will close with a New Year's Eve party! So if you haven't been there yet, you now only have eleven months to plan a visit to the museum. We can only recommend it, because it's worth it. You can find more information about the museum here in the database and, of course, on the museum's website.

Link 1: Information about the museum in the database
Link 2: Website of the museum

2022-12-01 - 6:26 pm - Big Man: Fernande actress Mylène Demongeot deceased
Mylène Demongeot als Fernande French actress Mylène Demongeot died today at the age of 87. Bud Spencer fans know Demongeot as hotel owner Fernande from the series Big Man. She is in all six episodes of the series, although the scenes with her in the hotel are mainly seen at the beginning and end of each episode. Demongeot became internationally known through her role as the photographer Hélène in the Fantomas trilogy with Louis de Funés and Jean Marais.

Link 1: Mylène Demongeot at the database
Link 2: Big Man at the database

2022-11-23 - 11:23 am - Banana Joe: Soundtrack to be released for the first time
Die Cover der neuen LP und CD We have great news for all music lovers among Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans. Beat Records has announced the release of the Banana Joe soundtrack for December 10. This will be the first time ever that the soundtrack from Guido and Maurizio De Angelis will be released on CD and LP, filling a huge gap in any soundtrack collection.

The yellow LP is limited to 700 copies and will contain 17 tracks. There is more space on a CD and so there will be 28 tracks on it, including as a bonus the title Brotherly Love, which is actually the theme song of Odds and evens, but which can also be heard in Banana Joe. And of course the song Wanna Believe, with which singer Dorianne enchants in the film Banana Joe, will also be included.

Link 1: The LP at the database
Link 2: The CD at the daebase

2022-11-05 - 7:34 pm - Carmelo La Bionda passed away
Carmelo La Bionda auf dem Spencer/Hill-Festival Today we received the sad news that Carmelo La Bionda has died. Together with his brother Michelangelo, he formed the pop duo "La Bionda". In the Spencer/Hill area, they achieved fame through their soundtracks to the films Super Fuzz, Who finds a friend finds a treasure, Cats and Dogs, Miami Supercops and Virtual Weapon. They also had great success with their disco songs "One for you, one for me" and "Vamos a la playa". We had the great luck to meet him in Lommatzsch and Templin at the Spencer/Hill Festival and to party with them to their music. We will remember him and will think of him every time we hear Movin' Cruisin'. Rest in peace, Carmelo!

Link: Carmelo La Bionda at the database

2022-10-29 - 1:43 pm - All the Way, boys: New soundtracks
Cover der neuen LP The adventure film All the Way, boys! celebrates the 50th anniversary of its world premiere in December. To mark the occasion, Beat Records has now announced a new release of the soundtrack. The soundtrack by the brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis with the chart hit Flying through the Air will be released on November 10 on both CD and LP. The CD is a 1:1 reissue of the long-sold-out CD from 2012, while an LP with the soundtrack has not been released since the film.

Link 1: The CD in the database
Link 2: The LP in the database

2022-09-23 - 10:52 am - Dune Buggy and the Firemen Choir come as single
Cover der neuen Single The Italian label Beat Records is releasing a new vinyl single for the film Watch out, we're mad on 10 October. The single is limited to 500 copies. The vinyl of the single is two-coloured - half yellow, half red, like the famous buggy from the film. The A-side features the title track Dune Buggy, sung by Oliver Onions. The B-side features the almost equally famous firemen's chorus from the film, in a one minute longer version, than on the CD and LP from 2021.

Link 1: The single in the database
Link 2: The single at Beat Records

2022-06-24 - 3:18 pm - Trinity is still my name: New LP for the 50th Anniversary
Cover der neuen LP On 10 July, Beat Records will release the soundtrack of Trinity is still my name in a special limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film. The green and white coloured LP contains all 13 tracks of the original LP plus six bonus tracks. The soundtrack was composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, who wrote the music for a Spencer/Hill film for the first time and created a catchy tune with Trinity stand tall.

Link: The new LP in the database

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